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Top 5 HVAC Must Haves You Need

1. Manual J Heating/Cooling Load

To ensure you are getting properly sized equipment for your home. Not all heating/cooling contractors size equipment properly.  Older installs and even some newer installs are priced for oversized equipment, causing your equipment to overheat or not operate long enough also known as short cycling, which is causing the equipment to operate more expensively and wear out sooner.  Let alone you’re paying more for more expensive oversized equipment.  With the right size equipment installed the equipment operates as it should, add-ons to the equipment will function well and do a good job for your home.  Your heating/cooling cycles will be more comfortable and your equipment will last as it should.  As you see, with Snyder Heating and Cooling we inspect your home and use our computer-aided Manual J program to ensure you’re getting the properly sized equipment. 

2. Get All Areas of Your Heating System Inspected

including the ductwork, registers, and return air grilles. Also, the chimney with other gas-vented appliances, such as your hot water tank can be a concern.  The chimney, without the old 70% or less efficient gas furnace/boiler not utilizing the chimney, can cause your hot water tank to backdraft, meaning the flue gas now comes into your home due to the chimney being oversized.  The negative pressure of cold air with the oversize chimney now forces the flue gas to vent into your home and can be extremely dangerous.  Another step we conduct due to homes being sealed and energy conscious and insulated is what is called CAZ testing, Combustion Appliance Zone, which test to determine if all your appliances vent properly under negative conditions in your home.  This is as important as knowing your gas fired equipment is venting properly, and related health and safety is good.  We conduct this test free of charge with most new gas fired heating installs. CAZ testing is a good way to know all is good at your home. We want you to have a good, safe operating heating and cooling system. These are the first two must have to insure your home is comfortable, safe and installed to last with annual inspections and cleaning.

3. Is The Equipment AFUE Rating (which lets you know its efficiency) 

The higher the AFUE the more efficient the equipment, saving you money, as this requires less energy to heat or cool your home.  With the energy cost continually increasing, a 95% + rating is the better choice.  I like to say without being energy efficient these days will cost more each month you pay to the never ending upward spiral cost of energy.  Energy Star equipment is the way to go today.  

4. Air Filtration

Yes, what you have installed for your air filters matters.  We spend the majority of our time in our homes and with todays energy conservation, the tighter our home becomes the more our indoor air becomes polluted!   The need for better ways to help protect our indoor air is with Air Purifiers, depending on the selection there are several good air purifiers that will help keep pollutants to a minimum, these include portable and the central ones connected to your furnace/air conditioner that we’re discussing are whole home filtration.  The better whole home filter system such as Aprilaire Air Filters do a very good job of removing dust, pollen, cooking odors, pet dander, mold spores, viruses and tobacco smoke which help and benefit to cut down on indoor allergens and helps the furnace/air conditioner last longer. 

The benefit of using good air filtration helps improve our indoor air quality, where we live, play and work.  Another step is to have installed an air purifier that does remove 99% + indoor allergens and also remove mold spores with an electrostatic filter system that can help with some viruses that we transmit through the air where we live. You’ll find more information on Aprilaire web site, as they are the best when it comes to home indoor air products and install their products.  And while we are talking indoor air another device that we recommended is RGF Reme Halo whole home in duct air purifier. The inventors in our research and development department are constantly studying the environment and the science behind naturally occurring processes. The adage that sunlight is a great disinfectant is true in several ways: its ability to create hydrogen peroxide and release it into the air and the UV properties of sunlight help eliminate microorganisms outside. So, the question arose as to how we could replicate and enhance these naturally occurring air purification processes in an indoor environment. This is how the REME HALO® was born. It is powered by RGF’s proprietary REME® technology, which combine a UVC light on an advanced catalyst to create low concentrations of gaseous hydrogen peroxide in the air that disperses throughout your space.

As Mother Nature’s chosen sanitizer, hydrogen peroxide is incredibly effective at reducing viruses, bacteria, mold spores, odors, VOCs and other microbes in the air and on surfaces in your home.  So, since you spend up to 90% of your time indoors, it’s important to consider the impact these pollutants can have on your long-term health. When you install a REME-HALO®, you will notice the difference in the quality and freshness of the air you breathe and wonder why you did not take this simple measure sooner. 

5. Maintenance 

Installing good equipment like anything needs looked at, cleaned and just kept in good working order.  Our furnace, boiler, air conditioners and add on need at minimal annual service, fall for furnace inspection, cleaning and tune-up and spring for air conditioners inspection, cleaning and tune-up.  Not only from a safety point of view but maintenance helps you stay comfortable year around, less breakdowns and the best energy saving for the year.  The best is a Maintenance Agreement with us that lets us contact you at a convenient time to schedule your maintenance.

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