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Invest In Regular

HVAC Maintenance

Why HVAC MAintenance matters

Some of the best reasons for keeping up with HVAC maintenance is that nearly half of the average household’s energy use and cost is going toward heating and cooling. it’s easy to see why maximizing efficiency is essential. These are the advantages of our regular cleaning and tune-ups:

  •  Maintaining the highest level of comfort possible in your home
  • Maintaining energy efficiency and operation helps to reduce the utility costs of your equipment
  • Extending the life of your equipment
  • We can diagnose problems that may save fewer and less costly repairs for your equipment


What do we offer?

Furnace/Boiler inspection, clean and tune up

Cleaning burner compartment. Inspect heat exchangers, burners, pilots, or ignitors. Check the operation of safety controls and other operating controls, check the wire, check the amp draw of motors and oil if needed, test for gas leaks; inspect your thermostat; inspect the air filter, review for CO level of exhaust and a combustion efficiency analyst of your furnace. Check electric furnace sequencer operation and inspect heating elements under operation. Oil equipment includes a nozzle and in-line oil filter media.

HVAC Maintenance Pittsburgh PA

AC/Heat Pump inspection, clean and tune Ups

Tune-Ups: Inspect the condenser coil, evaporator coil, evaporator drain pan, and condensate drain, clean out leaves, and sticks from the condensing unit, check compressor operation, and refrigerant charge, check all controls and wiring, inspect the crankcase heater; check blower motors and oil if needed, check capacitors and inspect the air filter, inspect your thermostat. This provides Peace of mind knowing your taking care of your equipment. It is also important to keep in mind, some manufacturers require routine preventive maintenance to qualify for their warranty claims.

HVAC Maintenance Pittsburgh PA

Our Preventive HVAC Maintenance Plans keep your equipment in its best operating condition. We will contact you to schedule a convenient appointment time to maintain your equipment.

Customer Benefits of HVAC Maintenance

By having our preventative maintenance plans for gas, oil or electric furnace and air conditioner you’ll receive the following benefits:

  • Cleaning and tune up of furnace and or air conditioner
  •  Priority customer status
  • 10% discount on repair parts and labor
  • A one-year warranty on repairs
  • Peace of mind knowing your taking care of your equipment
  • We can add on annual inspection of hot water tanks, humidifiers, air purifiers, air to air exchangers

Contact us today to enroll in our maintenance plan. We have plans that takes
care of your equipment.