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HVAC Services Experts, An Important Reputation!

HVAC Services Experts

Reputation matters for us, Snyder and Cooling, your local heating and cooling company are the experts in all HVAC services.

There’s a reason we have a good reputation in this business.  We go above the basic standards!  We strive for you having a healthy, energy-efficient home or buildings.

We are trained HVAC professionals, we can help you choose the ideal forced air: gas, electric and oil furnace, hot water boiler HVAC system for your home or building based on its size and your budget. Our continued success relies on our continued training development and interpersonal skills to ensure you’re getting quality in all aspects of our company. As we strive in building a higher standard, we work to the highest standards of customer service, professional training and industry expertise.  For us our trend is ensuring you the system selection that meets or exceeds your needs while working within your budget, offering energy efficient equipment, quality installation and equipment setup.  We offer indoor air products that help make your home cleaner and a healthier indoor environment.  We carry and install Aprilaire Indoor Air Products, REME HALO® Whole Home In-Duct Air Purifier and offer Duct Sealing.  Please visit our web site: HVACSNYDER.COM and look under the Services tab, then choose indoor air quality for more information on Indoor Air Quality Management 

As HVAC system covers all of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning components in your home. If you’re considering updating your HVAC or if a broken heating system in the winter or air conditioning in summer leaves you with no choice you have some decisions to make, repair or replace.  We will evaluate the failure of manufactures equipment and help you in making your choice to repair or replace the equipment.

The whole house, you can heat your home with a furnace or boiler and cool it with an air conditioner. Or, you can do both tasks to some degree with a heat pump, air to air heat pumps are normally good for heating in our area to around 32 degrees F.  They are also good air conditioners.  Heat pumps are a good choice to heat/cool our home till the outdoor temperature falls below 32 degree F.  They can be used when outdoor temperature falls lower than 32 degree F though the heat provided isn’t as warm and as the unit goes into defrost mode which then stops blowing air into your home for several minutes!   Heat pumps are more expensive but in the long run worth the cost.        Stand-alone air to air Heat Pumps are good options that offer you options!

Air to Air Heat Pumps are Energy Efficient

  • Up to 19 SEER/ Up to 13 EER cooling 
  • Up to 11 HSPF heating 
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified

We offer energy efficient mini splits that can heat and cool rooms in your home when duct work isn’t feasible or an expensive option.

HVAC Services Tip: Air to Air Mini Split

  • Up to 21.4 SEER
  • Up to 12.5 EER
  • Up to 10.8 HSPF

Powerful. Flexible. Cost-effective.

We also offer, install and make sheet metal products.

Custom made sheet metal products: plenums, adaptors, register boxes, return boots and more.  Stock and order sheet metal products: round and rectangular duct, takeoffs, duct dampers, register boots, registers and more.  In house gas line repair, replace and electrical service for furnace and outdoor unit.  For more information please contact us at info@hvacsnyder.com or call us 724-226-3467.

As you see our reputation matters as we continually strive and deliver to our customer the indoor comfort form new installs to service, maintenance and repair of your equipment to ensure you’re getting quality in all aspects of our company.

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