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Are Mini Split Systems in Pittsburgh, PA a Good Idea?

Mini Split Systems in Pittsburgh, PA

Mini split or a ductless systems offers advantages and depends on several factors.  If you have a boiler hot water system,  if you have added on an addition, have an attic, basement, bedrooms or garage that need cooling/heating or areas that ductwork, plumbing or other factors that the costs are prohibited, then ductless mini splits can normally be installed just about anywhere and are definitely a good consideration.  Not only are they the safest way to condition an area, they are energy efficient, which matters especially in Pittsburgh, PA.  We have several Energy Star Rated Systems. 

Pro: Efficient Heating and Cooling in Pittsburgh, PA

HVAC mini-split systems offer excellent efficiency for your home or building that the rating ranges from 9000 to 56,000 BTU.  They have excellent efficiencies and they don’t use duct work.  it’s easy to control the airflow and unit per room or area.  By controlling each area or zone, this setup results in reduced energy consumption and increased comfort. Mini splits allow you to easily adjust the temperature in your home or rooms and areas. You can set temperatures to maintain or you can turn off the room or area that allows you to keep the climate just the way you want it.

Pro: Flexible Installation Option

A good thing about HVAC mini-split systems is that they can be installed nearly anywhere. They are connected from outdoor condensing unit to the indoor fan coil unit or head. These units are useful and cost effective in most our areas and need little room to install.  Mini split systems are good as you can adjust and control the temperature in a room independently of the rest of the rooms or areas.  A multi-room mini split system can be installed so you have separate zones for each room or area you can have control over.  Most zone systems can handle up to 5 zones.

Con: Upfront Costs can be high

Despite their efficiency and flexibility, mini split systems can be expensive to install.  They can be challenging with multiple zones, rooms or areas of the home.  Each outdoor compressor unit can handle either single or designed to handle multiple indoor airflow units.  Regardless of equipment needed all equipment needs be installed correctly and maintained to ensure the best lasting results.  While it can improve your comfort and save you money over time, the upfront costs can be expensive.

Con: Reduced Performance in Extreme Temperatures (which can happen in Pittsburgh, PA)

HVAC mini-split systems, is that they don’t operate well in extremely hot or cold conditions. The temperatures ranges of 100 degree or below 0 degree Fahrenheit will force them to work much harder and may not maintain a comfortable climate closer to these extreme temperatures. Our Low ambient mini split systems are specially designed and can run at 100% efficiency down to 0 degree F outdoor temperature which enables these to work in our colder climate area.  A lessor cost, though will handle the majority of our winters and summers is our Mid-level efficient mini split systems run at 100% down to around 20 degree F outdoor temperature and you will need an assistant backup electric heater in weather below 20 degree F.  The cheapest cost, our Economy level mini split systems run at 100% down to 30 degree F and are not recommended for our area and may not be available in our area.  Cooling isn’t much of a problem in our area climate unless the temperature exceeds 100 degree F.

Make Your Home, Rooms or Areas Efficient and Comfortable

Its no secret that ductless mini split systems are known for being energy efficient.  A major contributing factor is their use of inverter technology which enables your system to generate only the amount of heat or cooling needed to maintain normal temperature setting.  

Although they can be expensive to install and maintain mini splits offer excellent advantages to homeowners. Knowing most of the pros and cons of HVAC mini-split systems will help allow you to make the right choice for your situation.

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January 29, 2024

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